Directorial Résumé (1995-Present)


for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf (Muhlenberg College) In the Red & Brown Water (California State Univ. DH) Topdog/Underdog (California State Univ. DH) Ruined (SUNY-Potsdam) Arcadia-Asst. (Univ. of MO) Loosends (GA State Univ.) The Bluest Eye (Tri-Cities Perf. Arts HS)  The Crucible-Asst. (Tri-Cities HS) Friends (Clayton Youth Univ.) Arroz con Mango (UC-Santa Barbara) Deadly Enemy (YWCA) Oedipus Rex– (Milton HS) The Diary of Anne Frank (McIntosh HS)  Shakin’ the Mess Outta Misery (GA State Univ.)  Dig a Little Deeper (Good Company/7 Stages) Rituals & Life (Art Block Summer Camp) A/Cross the Divide-Asst. (Univ. of MO) Split Tale Reflection (Univ. of MO) The Ugly Duckling (Univ. of MO) Love for Haiti (Art Block Summer Camp)  The Hottentot Venus (Westlake HS) Stop Stereotypes (YWCA) Interactive Theatre (University of MO) A Christmas Carol (Mundy’s Mill HS)  Capital Punishment (Black Clergy)  The Gymnastics Meet (Tri-Cities HS) The Frog Prince (Univ. of MO) Christmas at the Vanilli’s (Milton HS) African Horizons (Tri-Cities HS) 


Dreamgirls (McIntosh HS) The Wizard of Oz (Milton HS) Annie (Sims Perf. Arts Camp & Milton HS) Willy Wonka Jr. (McIntosh HS) Unity in Diversity (Columbia, MO) Ode to Beauty (Mundy’s Mill HS) Urban Holiday Soup-Asst. (YEA/14th St. Playhouse) The Wiz (Westlake HS) Luminosity (GA State Univ.) The Artist Factory (GA State Univ.) !?Cinderella?! (GA State Univ.) Making A Way (GA State Univ.) Don’t Bother Me, I Can’t Cope (GA State Univ.) Luminosity II (Westlake HS) Cinderella (Milton HS) Conversations w/CinderellaAsst. (GA State Univ.)


Mommy Diaries: Episode 4 (Jordan Productions)

Mommy Diaries: Episode 5  (Jordan Productions)

Stop Stereotypes (YWCA & Anti-Defamation League)

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