Sharrell D. Luckett- Artistic Director of Shows

Co SongwriterEdge of My Life

Performing Artist: RAHBI

I loved it. I really, really loved it…I got the song in my head still, something like (sings) standing on the edge of my life. I mean it’s hot.    -Natasha Bedingfield, VH1’s Make a Band Famous, 2014

RAHBI is the soul of Rock and Roll, a revolving energy that continues to produce Legends, Statements, Superstars & Icons. Music Goddess Erykah Badu has dubbed RAHBI as ““Pure Light”” and adopted him as her WonderTwin. He has gained the respect of his contemporaries and has collaborated with Janelle Monae, Lauryn Hill, and Ms. Erykah Badu to name a few. RAHBI was born to perform. As a toddler, he mesmorized an audience of friends, family, and the neighborhood candy lady with living room showcases. By adolescence, he’’d signed to LaFace records as a member of boy band 4th Ave. Though the partnership was brief, it ignited the flame and RAHBI headed to the fun side of the PlaGround to train. He built a stage of theatrics where he invited “Singing” to play, “Dancing” ran the lights, and “Writing” decided what the Actors” would say. As a member of the Freddie Hendricks Youth Ensemble of Atlanta (Y.E.A), RAHBI fine tuned these talents and traveled the world performing alongside other young artists. While being pampered in Milan at the Roberto Cavalli estate, RAHBI was inspired to create his first solo offering RAHBI The E.P. “I felt like a virgin having sex for the first time. Didn’’t know what to do or how to do it, But upon release it felt good.”” – -RAHBI  RAHBI’’s artistry has been compared to performing giants Rick James, Prince, Madonna, & Michael Jackson, while his style has been linked to Grace Jones, David Bowie, and Lady Gaga. Always inspired by free thought and innovation, RAHBI incorporates the elite society of art in his shows. Singers, Rappers, Models, Actors, Painters, Dancers and their poles gather in excitement during his live “Strange Fruit” extravaganza. Feel the rhythm as RAHBI frees minds, blurs lines, and makes love with his “Beautiful People” one at a time…

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